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Cloud A.D.I. ⏱️
Save the training result to the cloud. The data is stored in A.D.I. database. All data is anonymous.
What is Ohda Training ? Training is a procedure. In this process, we apply Goals, Games, Rhythms and observe the output Elements and Grades.
What are training elements? Jump/move number, gtime - time on the device, jtime - time in the air, jump height/distance, totaltime, points.

What are Ohda Games? Body movement instructions. Movement is a slight movement of the body

What is "footnote"? Note the details that may affect the result and it is wise to write down those details. Eg. distance between starting point and destination point, training goal, air temperature, new or untreated injury and more.
What is "distance"? Distance between starting point and destination point or distance between two stopwatches. Distance affects movement mechanics, which affects time.

What is "goal"?

Cloud A.D.I. Cloud A.D.I.