Ohda Analysis
A systematic examination and evaluation of information, by breaking it into its component parts to uncover their interrelationships.
Why? Analysis is affirmative.
What is 4-in-1 Ohda Training™ ? Training is a procedure. In this process, we apply Goals, Games, Rhythms and observe the output Elements and Grades.
What are training elements? jump/move number, gtime - time on the ground in seconds, jtime - time in the air, jump time in seconds, height - height of the jump in meters, totaltime = gtime + jtime, points = jtime / gtime

👣 What is Ohda speed?

💪 What is Ohda strength?
What is Ohda endurance?

What are Ohda Games? Body movement instructions. Movement is a slight movement of the body. When we add rhythm (time component) to the movement, then a game is created.

What is adaptation? Adaptation is the process of adapting the movement of the body to the conditions regarding the movement of the ball, the condition of the field or the position of the opponent.
What is a pattern? A pattern is a regularity in the data. The elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner.
What is "freq"?
What is "points"?
Where can I use this service? In City of Zagreb and City of Petrinja.

Ohda 2021-01-09 Ohda Analysis Ohda Analysis is affirmative