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πŸ’‘ Ideas
A statement that is put forward as a premise to be proved
πŸ’‘ Your body is intelligent. Use it.
πŸ’‘ Synergy can be your advantage. Use it.
πŸ’‘ You can move better than you move now.
πŸ’‘ When you master your movement then you will adapt more easily to receiving the ball.
πŸ’‘ Once you master your movements, it will be easier for you to throw the ball out of a situation you didn’t practice in training.
πŸ’‘ First a variety of movements and then a ball.
πŸ’‘ The ball cannot adapt to you, but you need to adapt to the ball.
πŸ’‘ Body movements are a language you can easily learn.
πŸ’‘ You need to understand movement training which is easy with the help of ideas that you will express in words and numbers.
πŸ’‘ What you see, you will understand if you can describe it in words and numbers.
πŸ’‘ Fighters in the ring adjust their movements to each other, but first they need to adjust their movements to the ground.
πŸ’‘ The ability to imagine body posture based on footprints is a feature of the best among us.
πŸ’‘ You can read your opponent's intentions from his body movements. It is possible to learn.
πŸ’‘ Your opponent is also your partner. You need to align with him if you want to win a point.
πŸ’‘ When you master your movements then you can think abstractly and strategically.
πŸ’‘ You can react faster when your opponent changes movement.
πŸ’‘ You can improve the movement of the whole body with your hands.
πŸ’‘ You don’t have to think about dribbling if you train your body to change positions.

🎬 What is the scenario?
The scenario is a description of the circumstances that propose the strategy. ✍️ Strategy dictates movements
🎬 Pass the Ball
🎬 Block Your Opponent
🎬 Catching the Ball
🎬 Rushing Downfield
🎬 Punts and Kicks

😩 Common American football Injuries
Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that is greater than the body part can structurally withstand.
😩 Knee
😩 Ankle
😩 Upper Leg
😩 Shoulder
😩 Head

Body movement instructions. Movement is a slight movement of the body. When we add rhythm (time component) to the movement, then a game is created.

πŸ€” Opinions
πŸ€” If you are in pain or not feeling well, it is best to tell your coach.
πŸ€” Talking to your opponent in the last game about that game is useful for you.
πŸ€” As soon as the game is over, don't forget to thank your opponent.
πŸ€” After you finish the game, before going to bed, recall how many times you were late to receive the ball.
πŸ€” Working in the corn field is good for your physical strength.
πŸ€” After you finish the game, before going to bed, recall how many times you got hit.
πŸ€” After you finish the game, before going to bed, sit down and describe it in as much detail as you can. Everything is useful for your next game.
πŸ€” Everyone needs a quiet night to rest.
πŸ€” When you move in long strides, then the contact between the feet and the ground lasts longer.
πŸ€” When you move faster, then the contact between the feet and the ground lasts for a short time. The shorter the better.
πŸ€” It is always better to know more rhythms of movement. This can be easily learned with training using Goal 🎷 Changing the rhythm. Ohda Training can help you learn as many as 6 different rhythms.
πŸ€” At first, you are interested in what your rhythm of movement is. You can find out by applying the goal πŸ₯ Keeping the rhythm.
πŸ€” When you drag your feet on the ground, you reduce your ability to move quickly.
πŸ€” Almost every tall player moves as if holding a TV in his hands. Be sure to leave your TV at home before the game.
πŸ€” Lifting weights in the gym can affect muscles but it does not always have a positive effect on movement, often the effect on movement is limiting.
πŸ€” You need to warm up before the game.
πŸ€” If you want to learn to dance you need to dance.
πŸ€” What is the price of doubt?

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